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Supported Browsers

The Google Maps functionality requires one of the following web browsers with javascript enabled: If you're using one of these browsers and are encountering problems, please contact us.

Known Issues

For Microsoft Internet Explorer Users: The Search side panel must be closed when the browser is first opened, otherwise the Search by Name and Search by Postal/Zip functions will not be displayed in the side panel when selected.  To correct this problem, close the side panel, then exit and reload your browser.

Rapid, repeated repositioning of the map.  There is a delay between updates to the locations and markers after any map movement, as a result of dragging, double-clicking, or using the pan or zoom tools . Repeated, rapid movement of the map can cause location marker redisplay problems. If you need to reposition the map repeatedly, it is better to zoom out (slowly), then double-click on the new center point, then  zoom in (as necessary).  Alternately, it is best to wait for the new location count (and markers) to be updated, before continuing with another repositioning of the map.

Markers not showing on Maps (IE 6 users)
According to the MS KB article:
... it suggests:
Make sure scripting, ActiveX controls, cookies, and Java applets are enabled in Internet Explorer. Follow these steps:
  • On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab, and then click Default Level (if it is available) for the zone which contains the Web page (for example, Internet).
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 6, click the Privacy tab, and then click Default (if it is available).
The markers (transparent PNG images) should magically re-appear.

Using the Maps

Location Markers

The number of libraries (by type) is indicated above the map. 
    checked Check library type to display markers.
    unchecked Uncheck to remove markers.
    marker Click on marker to display library details.

For public libraries within the USA or Canada, you can search using a valid Zip/Postal code.  You can also search by Name.  Select the appropriate link below the map.

Manually Repositioning the Map

If the map is not already positioned at your desired location, you can re-center the map by Double-Clicking — or —"Grab" the map (hold down mouse button) then move the mouse. You can also use the Pan controls on the map (up, down, left and right arrows)


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